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You can check out available Todd Parr Children’s books by using the links provided within this post.

It’s Okay to be Different

One of my favorite books by Todd Parr is his “It’s okay to be different” book. This classic focuses on a lot of very important cultural and societal differences that children face, and reassures them that it’s okay to be that way. I really liked this book because it adds funny elements such as “it’s okay to eat Mac and cheese in the bathtub” and very serious and important aspects such as “it’s okay to have two moms or two dads”.

You can check out my read aloud video of this children’s classic on my YouTube channel!

I also created a Nearpod lesson plan to go along with the book. You can access that link here!

Another favorite classic of mine by the famous Todd Parr is “The Family Book“. This book is of the same artistic style and societal impact. It’s very reassuring toward different types of families and the way you grow up.

The Earth Book” is a really cute short story that is typically chosen to read around Earth Day each year. I like this book because it promotes another aspect of being kind toward one another and most importantly nature. I think it can be promoted year round like most of Todd Parr’s books but is especially impactful in the spring.

A final classic I wanted to highlight is his work, “The Peace Book“. I love this book for all the same reasons I love most of Todd Parr’s works. The style once again is very similar but the message is just as important. Todd Parr does a great job and promoting very important lessons throughout all his books and I find a majority of them very useful in elementary classrooms and lesson planning.

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