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My personal theory of learning is a nice blend of concepts across various famous theories. I believe that children develop continuously and levels of intelligence can be changed over time. Children are active learners who take in information from their environment and create new ideas and concepts. Teachers should be the facilitator in this, while children lead. This is not to say that teachers should in any way step down from their role, but step to the side and let the student do some talking. 
     I believe that students should be tested on the concept or use of the skill / fact they are being taught. I don’t believe that students should sit quietly and take tests at their desks, but rather form assessments through group discussions, projects, personal review and observation. I think students should learn beyond the standards, but I know my limitations. While focusing on the curriculum is important, using differentiated instruction and active learning tools, students can engage in learning in a whole new way. Teaching students with the use of active learning and authentic texts / props, students see the real world situations and concepts being taught to them. I also believe that an important factor to assess is the effort level of the child. This can indicate a few different and important things. 

Children that put in little effort tend to not care about school and have other underlying issues. ​These children are not only at risk academically but also with peers and social communication. By providing students with personal feedback throughout the year they’re not only motivated, but they understand that they are heard and listened to. This also allows me to assess the students that have shown improvement in effort and ability levels. ​
​     My personal goals as I continue further in my teaching career are to create a warm and welcoming classroom for my students. I hope that students feel excited to come to school and learn each day, and that for the students struggling, they see me as someone to turn to in need. Being a teacher is being a friend. I can accomplish these goals by continuing to learn and grow myself and to show my students my huge love for learning. I want each student to feel loved and accepted within my room, and when they go out into the world. I also want to have more professional development courses with special education and how to prepare for potential accommodations and modifications to the course. ​

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