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SEL emotions graphic

What is Social Emotional Learning?

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the term for resources teaching children about their lives. By applying knowledge learned through life experiences students see increase in attitudes, and skills necessary to plan great goals, show empathy, establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Why is Teaching SEL Important?

No child is born with the ability to understand and regulate each of their emotions and equipting them with reliable tools can be very helpful. When a child is lacking social and emotional skills, they’re more likely to act out and isolate themselves from peers. Relationships and friendships can be much harder to form for these students as well.

Key Areas

Self Awareness (identifying their own emotions and others) 
Self Management (having the ability to regulate strong emotions like anger and frustration, behaviors and impulses are also effectively controlled)
Social Awareness (seeing through another perspective, having empathy)
Relationship Skills (having the ability to resolve conflict effectively, cooperation and group work, thinking before speaking, having good manners and acting in a good behavior)
Responsible Decision Making (thinking ahead to the consequences of the upcoming actions and basing decisions on possible outcomes)

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