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As an official associate teacher, I’ve recently been spending more time with students alone and I’ve had many moments of free time with nasty weather, so we’re stuck inside. The kids obviously love the toys and books, but I’ve wanted to start planning out some creative activities to do in the afternoon (they do art in the morning with the lead teacher). I’ve done some thinking and below are some of my ideas I’m going to try out with students this upcoming week!

Monday: On Mondays the kids are always a little sleepier and cranky so I think I’m definitely going to take them outside for about an hour and let them run around and yell as loud as they want. When we go inside and start art time I want to introduce play dough to the class and see what the kids can build. I’m going to buy a little pack of play dough for them to play with for just a few dollars and I’m excited to see what the kids create.

Tuesday: On Tuesday I think we will go outside for most of the time because it is supposed to be a great day. If it’s too hot or the weather changes I plan on letting the kids have some free time and playing with them on the ground for the afternoon. We normally read a lot of books and have dance time in the afternoon as well. Baby shark and the Animal Freeze Dance song are a daily MUST with my kids.

Wednesday: On Wednesday it is supposed to thunderstorm and be really nasty outside, so we will definitely be spending time inside. The kids love to do art and make drawings and I plan on having them create this cute and simple craft I found on Pinterest. I want to have the kids create suns with paper plates and yellow strips of paper glued on. I’m going to give the students glue sticks at the table and sit with the youngest child (he will eat anything in front of him if he can). My kids are one and two and they are absolutely self driven and independent as can be. I’m excited to see what they are able to create.

Thursday: The weather on Thursday is also supposed to be really gloomy and gross so I think we will definitely spend the afternoon inside. My plan for the afternoon is having the kids play during free time and then finish the day by creating an art project. I want to let the kids have more fun with the glue and construction paper that I bought, so on Wednesday night I plan on cutting out a bunch of different shapes with the construction papers for them to be able to glue any way they like. I don’t want to give the kids scissors even if I’m sitting there with them. They’re so little it makes me nervous.

At the end of the week I’m going on vacation and won’t see my kids for a week. Thursday night I’m going to post an update on how the kids reacted to each activity and share some of their creations! I’m super excited for this week to start!!

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