June Newsletter

This month's newsletter is really short and to the point. I don't believe it was important enough (and I was extremely busy) to send out via email, but feel free to read up on my June updates!

Teaching with Pride!

As June is coming to a close, I thought it would be important to mention Pride month once again. While Pride is important to celebrate year-round, the month of June is to be celebrated in a special way. I’m an ally and want to do the best I can to help! 

I have several friends and family members that are gay, bi, queer and more. I think these labels are only important when they’re celebrated and need to be taught in such a way. Teachers that are not heterosexual are coming out more and more, and the acceptance rate is starting to really rise. 

At the beginning of June, I sold some pride month stickers on Redbubble. I think designing these was really fun and they turned out super cute. I think I’ll continue to create art like this in the future!

What’s upcoming?

Next month you can expect more book postings, Instagram updates, Twitter posts, and Pinterest pins. I’m hoping to get more in the flow of working all my social medias into my every day life.