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Favorite Google Education Resources blog post

Google is a GREAT resource for education and teachers! Whether it’s a simple Google Doc, or using Jamboard for a class discussion / lesson, Google has something just the right fit for anything you need! Below is a list of my favorite resources from Google that are very beneficial for education and the classroom.

Google Drive is an all over storage account. You can access all your documents, slides, sheets and any uploads you might add. There is 15 gb of storage free! (more than you’ll ever need in one place)
Google Sites is a resource for website creation. It allows you to create your own free website. Although, I do prefer WordPress, as I’m using it on this website.
Google Photos is a storage resource. The storage is amazing and allows for thousands of images. It also generates slideshows and albums based on face, location, date and more.
Google Slides clipart
Google Slides is beneficial in many ways. You can create presentations for lesson plans, embed videos or photos. You can even record over the slides and create a movie out of your work. This is a great tool for creating videos and online worksheets for students.
Google Docs work in the same way Microsoft Word does, except in the cloud. You can store all your documents within your Google Drive and access them anywhere you can access your account. This also allows you to share documents with others online and cooperate together.
Google Sheets is similar to Microsoft Excel. It’s a really easy to use spreadsheet maker. 
Google Calendar is a virtual resource that allows you to carry a planner any where there’s internet. You can virtually plan events and even invite others by Gmail address
Jamboard is similar to Google Slides, but more beneficial for quick activities and collaborating on simple ideas / questions.
Google Scholar is a great academic research tool. It’s a search engine that generates scholarly research articles and provides several ways to sort the results.

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