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Top 15 Virtual Interactive Games for Elementary Classrooms

There are tons of different interactive games that can be incorporated into your classroom through almost every subject! Some of my favorite basics include charades, tic tac toe, would you rather, bingo, 2 truths and a lie and guess that gibberish. Interactive games give students the chance to socialize, get up and moving and feel more a part of the classroom community. Below are some of my other favorite resources that can be found online! I hope you enjoy using these virtual interactive games in your elementary or middle school classrooms as well!

Quizizz learning platform

Quizizz is an online classroom quizzing platform in a game style similar to Kahoot. It can be customized with any material you’d like. This game can be anonymous and doesn’t need to be played at the same time for everyone. The score is calculated each time a new submission is made for that game and final results appear once every member has completed it.

Boddle Learning resource site

Boddle learning is a mathematics resource for K-6 grades and offers an excellent selection of math games to practice different skills. This resource is free for teachers and students and is a great way to practice mathematics in a fun way that students will WANT to learn!

Examples of Deck Toys decks for student practice

Deck Toys is an app that allows teachers to create separate lesson plans easily. This resource is great for differentiated instruction and allowing students to take their own personal amount of time learning subjects

Inklewriter learning platform for story writing

Inklewriter is an online resource that makes writing interactive stories quick and simple. Students are able to collaborate on ideas and share their view points in real time through this interactive writing platform.

ABC mouse learning platform for children

ABC mouse for teachers is a great way for teachers to include educational games and resources for younger children. The program is free for teachers and very simple to use. The games are super fun and engaging for students and children who aren’t even in Kindergarten yet!

MET Kids home page screen

MET Kids is an art exhibition made for, with and by kids. There are various time periods, countries and categories for selection.

Kahoot graphic

Kahoot is another class wide quiz game. This is a platform that needs to be completed at the same time and in front of a common screen rather than on their own time and separate devices. I enjoy using this resource in my classroom and it’s a great way to see where the class is at on their mastery of a topic or skill.

GimKit example powerups for student game

GimKit is very similar to Kahoot but more like Blooket. I like the GimKit resources as another option to review material before a test or for students to practice on their own. GimKit allows students to complete the questions on their own more like Blooket but they complete the same set of questions like a Kahoot. You can see individual student reports while they play and review commonly missed questions at the end. I like offering this resource as another way for students to practice material and get all students engaged with different games and interests!

Planet A 42 categories for games

Planet A 42 is a resource that offers tons of different subject area virtual games! From subjects like astronomy and biology to archaeology and cooking, this website offers hundreds of resources for social studies and science type subjects! I like to use this resource myself sometimes to practice different content areas.

SumDog example student account

Personalized practice in mathematics and spelling. SumDog is actually a game that I played myself when I was in elementary school! So, it’s been around for awhile, and in my opinion it’s only been improved. The game itself is very similar to how I remember it as a student but now they have added spelling as an option instead of just mathematics! Very great way to practice math skills!

FlipGrid Happy Learning graphic

Flipgrid is a great way for students to interact with one another in an online platform. Each kid posts their individual video and can reply to each others submissions. Students can also comment on and replay videos from their peers and teachers. This resource was super helpful in my personal classroom when Covid first hit and students were initially thrown into the world of online learning.

Pear Deck sample student response deck

PearDeck is a great alternative to Google Slides! I use Pear Deck in my classroom in place of Slides because they are more interactive and I can collect student responses individually to ensure each child is actively participating in every part of the lesson. You can import previously created slides or make them within the platform itself. Pear Deck even has features that allow you to ask for student short responses as well as feedback with multiple choice questions, drawings, and more!

Examples of some math manipulatives

Didax is a virtual manipulative resource for mathematics. I really love this resource because there are so many different tools to use and they offer almost anything you could need. Super helpful if you don’t want to pull out all your supplies or go digging through bins and bins of materials. Students can also “take them home” with this type of resource.

Brain POP example game

BrainPOP is a super great resource for classrooms. They offer a wide range of subject material covered and bring learning to life with their game like teaching style.

Blooket student sample game

Blooket has easily become one of my most favorite resources for practice and review with my whole classroom. I use this resource with all my subjects from mathematics to ELA to science and social studies. There are already thousands of pre-made decks that can be played or you can create your own for free. This resource is super similar to Kahoot but is way more engaging in my opinion. The students can work on their own pace and answer as many questions as they can. I really enjoy this game because it allows students to play against one another in a more competitive way and really encourages them to get correct answers and study productively.

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