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Good educational graphics are eye catching, yet not distracting. The purpose of educational graphics can vary from one reason to another. I like to use clip art and Canva. These resources are great for adding a little something to a slideshow or creating a cute page with eye catching images.

American Library Association definition of good educational graphics.

Resources for Creating Free Educational Graphics is a really simplistic resource for creating eye catching infographics. There are built in templates for reports, slideshows, lesson plans and more. 
With Bitmoji you can create and customize your personal avatar. It generates hundreds of images with almost any scene you could ask for and you can even type words in the program and it will generate images saying whatever you’d like. Using this tool in the classroom offers students a virtual way of “seeing” you, and offers students the ability to still feel like they’re there in class (virtual classrooms).​ ​
Classroom Clipart is another free clipart resource that offers great teacher graphics.
Getty Images of course provides free graphics and clipart for education.
GoGraph is a collection of free clipart and graphics that are school related.
Popplet is a mind mapping website that allows you to see visual, words, videos, and anything you can embed onto each addition. You can organize by color and size. Popplet allows for a quick and easy way to visualize ideas and cooperate in a team. 
Vectar Characters is clipart of cartoon characters and people that are useful when decorating a classroom or worksheets.
Freepik is a resource offering free graphics and clipart.
Genially is a great resource for creating media of all kinds. There are templates built in to help get you on your way, and many ways to personalize each image. You can even create videos, quizzes, games, interactive images and up to 8 more categories.
Canva is a really cool tool that you can use on iPads, computers, phones, and anywhere you can download an app or access a webpage! By creating an account, everything you design will be updated across all devices. I really like this app for designing headers, finding cute clip arts, designing creative slides, and even in the creation of the banners on each page!
Stock Images is another free graphics and clipart resource.
Lightroom is a free program and app that can be downloaded to edit photographs and videos. I love this program because I can save presets with filters and then it’s easy and quick to edit all my photos in the same / similar style for my websites and social media pages.
Kidaha is another free clipart platform for elementary students and teachers.
Miro is a mind mapping website that allows many users to work on the same map. You can add text, images, and as many connections as you’d like. There is also color coding.
The Noun Project is a resource providing free icons for any ‘noun’.
You can guess it, 1Clipart is a resource for free clipart.

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