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If you’re a first year teacher like me, or even those looking for a little extra help with school supply lists, you’re in the right place. I’ve compiled a list of 10 school supplies that I believe are essential in a great classroom!

Each product is offered through an Amazon affiliate link.

Glue Sticks! I love creating hands on projects and using interactive notebooks to teach. Glue sticks have become a great friend of mine and I always like to have extras hanging around. Check out this 30 pack of glue sticks on Amazon for just $10.

A teacher planner is a MUST have! I absolutely love using planners that already have periods broken down in the day to better help organize when I want to do something! This planner is perfect for just that! There are pages for lesson plans, note pages and stickers to decorate and get things done! Check out this planner for less than $15.

A pen is a basic, yet very important tool teachers use every day. I personally love to have lots of back ups and these pens come in a 60 pack for less than $6. That’s such a steal!! I don’t use expensive pens and I think these work just fine for everything I’ve used them for. A true staple for any teacher supply bag.

I don’t know what I would do without post it notes! I absolutely love these little suckers and they’ve become a life saver in planning and managing my ideas. Without post it notes, I would definitely forget a lot of what I conjure up during the day. I use them for to do lists, ideas, in the classroom for participation and exit tickets. There’s an endless possibility with what you can do. This pack of 6 pads is less than $6 as well!

Highlighters are another essential I always have on hand. I love using them when taking notes, reading and for decorating my note pages. I think they add a lot of helpful eye catching looks to paper and really do help things stick out. This pack of 15 from Zebra is my all time favorite! I’ve had them for years and they’re still working perfect! Highly recommend even for the price of $15.

I love this two for one product! With a dry erase clip board students are given a resource for writing via dry erase markers or using the tool as a hard surface to write on. I think these are super useful in the classroom and help minimize all the materials you’ll need to purchase. This set of 30 dry erase clip boards is less than $50 including shipping! A super great deal.

These desk organizers are super helpful! Not only do you get 5 organizers for less than $14 but they also offer two separate shapes. There are 3 vertical pen organizers you can separate pens by type and 2 cup organizers you can fit stationary supplies into!

Many teachers have doorbell ringers in their room and use them in a Pavlov’s dog style. They teach the students something to do whenever the sound goes off, and trust me, it really works! This ringer is less than $20 and is a must have for younger elementary grades.

Now this set is for those teachers that are bigger spenders and those blessed with a larger budget. I absolutely love these, and this set comes with 12 pockets, so most classrooms would require two sets. The varying colors and name tag slots can be helpful for both students and teachers. It’s also extremely helpful for students to have all the supplies they’ll need at hand, right behind their seat!

If you’re like me you have dozens and dozens of books in your classroom library. It’s important for my sanity, as well as beneficial for my students, to have all the books organized in an easy fashion. Again, these color coordinated boxes and labels offer an easy organizational method.

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