Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in the Elementary Classroom

Social Justice Clip Art for Diversity and Inclusion
Promoting diversity and inclusion in the elementary classroom is vital for students to feel respected and safe in their learning environments! It's a must. These resources make promoting these efforts much easier and provide videos, worksheets and more for different aspects of social equality.
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Professional Development

Professional development is the term for continuing higher education in a certain field. For teachers, professional development is especially important in making sure they are meeting students needs in an effective way and can help educators learn from their teaching…

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Social Media and Professional Development

social media and professional development

Social media has so many valuable resources if you dig deep enough! On the surface you can find many, many resources just from a simple Google search. Social media, however, provides an outlet for every day people to share their…

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Favorite Google Education Resources

Favorite Google Education Resources blog post
Learn about some of my favorite Google resources that I use in lesson planning, virtual teaching, and in many of my online resources I've created! These resources are a MUST HAVE in any teachers resource library!
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Corporal Punishment in Education

Corporal punishment is still being used in schools across the United States in 2021 and has little to no intention of stopping. This paper examines the effects of corporal punishment on children throughout their educational career.
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