Professional Development

Professional development is the term for continuing higher education in a certain field. For teachers, professional development is especially important in making sure they are meeting students needs in an effective way and can help educators learn from their teaching and reflections. students see better learning outcomes teachers learn better ways to teach teachers can […]

The Art of Mathematical Words

A research paper designed over the beauty of mathematics and it’s connection with literature. I studied several poems, songs and image poetry as well as two different short stories involving mathematics at it’s roots. Learn about how mathematics can be beautiful by downloading the file below, or clicking here, to access a Google Doc format. ‚Äč

Preschool Planning

Check out this weeks preschool activities and plans I have for my time with my students! Each day we read a book and do art as well as discovery time for the kids.

June Newsletter

This month’s newsletter is really short and to the point. I don’t believe it was important enough (and I was extremely busy) to send out via email, but feel free to read up on my June updates!